Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zippo fires real 4mm bullets

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If you thought the Cube Gun was James Bond certified, you should have reserved judgment until you laid your eyes on the Zippo Gun.  Some nut case has managed to convert the fire starting device into a real live shooting gun, though we haven’t been able to verify the latter statement.  But if it turns out to be real, the Zippo Gun fires 4mm bullets from a barrel that replaces the wick of the lighter.  Presumably it works by flicking the flint, which acts as a trigger to fire the bullet.  Included is a Ronson Flint dispenser to carry the extra ammo.  Genius.  
If you’re looking to buy this truly pocket friendly weapon, tough luck.  It was sold to a bidder in 2006 for $6800.
Via: Ohgizmo

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