Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bill Caswell... as Ken Block

How I tricked real racers into believing I was Ken Block
Bill Caswell, everybody's favorite grassroots race car driver has made a name for himself by working hard and getting results, without the budget of pro teams. Because of this he's made some friends like Rally/Gymkhanna driver Ken Block, who he got a chance to hang out with and masquerade as... chaos ensues.

See below.

 Bill says:
I felt bad for fooling them, but man was it fun. Some of the top drivers from around the world actually thought I was Ken Block. I learned two things:
1. I got to realize how much branding Ken walks around wearing on any given day and how much it apparently confounds Europeans.
2. I got to hear first hand what they say to him, how much respect they have for him. They too know how hard it is to do what Ken is doing, to race at the level he is racing at, to even drive in the World Rally Championships. 
A few fans ran up so excited they could barely talk and asked for autographs. I think one woman was crying she was so amped up to meet Ken. Even cooler was that Ken was following 50 feet behind and got to watch the whole thing the way we do. When we got to the WRC car he was smiling as much as I was. Man was that fun.

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