Friday, January 7, 2011

Four Loko being turned into an ethanol based synthetic fuel?


So after the crackdown of Four Loko being banned well, basically everywhere on the east coast. There are cases and cases of it already manufactured (notice I didn't say brewed). MXI Environmental Services of VA is one of the handful of facilities that recycles ethanol into motor vehicle fuel. Case after case of the stuff is being shipped to them now. This is a pretty cool (is cool the right word?) way to dispose of what was a waste product before it was even canned, zing!

From the article:

Brian Potter, vice president of operations at MXI's facility in Abingdon, Va., said about a couple of hundred truckloads of the drinks would be coming to the plant. Each truck holds 2,000 cases of the 23.5-ounce cans.

Potter said Thursday that his competitors also are taking shipments of the drinks.
"We're equipped to process four truckloads a day, and we're at full capacity," he said. "There are about 30 different products involved, and we've only seen a couple of them at this point. It could go on for several months."

Normally I think E85 is a ridiculous marketing-fueled waste of money, infrastructure and time, but i guess if its made from something other can GMO corn and was going to waste anyway why not? I still think making proper BioDiesel from this would be a better idea, but I'm old fashioned.

I remember seeing signs a few weeks ago at every liquor store in town stating "Get it while you can, Four Loko by the case!". I guess people too lazy to mix red bull WITH vodka will have to find a new way of chemically running a marathon while drinking... 


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