Friday, March 4, 2011

Gaddafi's and the Bluths?

Its better if I let you look at this comparison yourself...

Michael Bluth: Mutassim Qaddafi (1 of 7)

Qaddafi’s fourth oldest son, Mutassim, is most like Michael Bluth. Both seem, on the surface at least, qualified to take over the family business. Mutassim serves as Libya’s national security advisor, a position of responsibility, and was the family representative who recently met with Hillary Clinton in the most high-level exchange Libya and the U.S. have had in some years. But, like Michael, he’s been prone to questioning, even defying, his family: Mutassim spent years away from Libya after a leadership dispute with his father. The two have reconciled, but like Michael, Mutassim continues to deal with a father who sometimes undercuts him: According to The Guardian, rumor has it Mutassim is not one of the four people with access to the family’s petro-dollars.

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They both knew Saddam?

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