Thursday, March 17, 2011

What happens when you give an awkward C student a music video?

This ->

No I don't want to embed this crap. Seriously WTF is wrong with these people? (The irony here is Rebecca Black is probably the least to blame, she just wants to be famous and appears too stupid to have any other prospects). The "Song"writer, the producers, hell I even blame EVERYBODY at apple for not speaking up and saying, 'oh crap, this could poison AC/DC on our iTunes servers!' Some adult, somewhere should've stopped this trainwreck of an idea. Yes she is 13, which explains the awkwardness, but should a 13 year old really be going in a car with what appears to be another 13 year old driving? I'm not a cop here, but that can't be legal. Also, what kind of  "partying" does a 13 year old actually do? Doesn't she have homework? What about soccer practice? Go sign up for a no-cut sport just in case this whole taking-the-world-by-storm-with-your-awesome-presence thing doesn't take foot. Also, having been a former swim coach around many 13 year olds, it take a LOT more than just saying "yeah" to get a 13 year old to actually cheer for anything.

"meh" -any 13 year old

I have never felt older having watched this video... thanks for that.

prob click on this one soon, its slated for deletion ->

from the wiki article linked above:

Critical reception

The song has received almost entirely negative reviews. Observers have called it "bizarre", "inept" and "hilariously dreadful".[4][14][15] The song and singer were "savaged" on social networks across the internet,[16] while being seen as a "YouTube laughing stock".[8]
Kevin Rutherford, a columnist for Billboard magazine, wrote, "Black's video for 'Friday' is one of those rare occurrences where even the most seasoned critics of Internet culture don't know where to begin. From the singing straight out of Auto-Tuned hell to lyrics such as 'Tomorrow is Saturday / And Sunday comes afterwards / I don't want this weekend to end' and a hilariously bad rap about passing school buses, 'Friday' is something that simply must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated."[17] Many other reviewers also singled out the lyrics in particular for criticism,[18][19] which were described as "overly simple and repetitive" by TNT Magazine.[20] Jim Edwards of BNET and Doug Gross of CNNboth noted that the rap break from the considerably older rapper was "creepy".[21][22]
One reviewer went so far as to state the song was possibly "The Worst Song Ever" and compared it to "The long look an addict takes in the mirror on the day they hit bottom, the day they tell themselves, I need to make some changes."[23]
Despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews, some reviewers had positive things to say about the song and video. Entertainment Weekly writer Joseph Lynch noted that there was "something sickeningly catchy about this tune that keeps you coming back for more".[14] Rolling Stone writer Matthew Perpetua stated, "When you see this video, you immediately notice everything that it does "wrong", but it actually gets a lot of things about pop music right, if just by accident."[10] OK! Magazine also noted that "some are calling the 13-year-old signed singer the Next Justin Bieber".[24] After reading one fan's comment of 'Forget Bieber fever, I have the Black Plague', Black twittered that the comparison "made my day".[25]

Same writer/Sound mixer/producer?

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