Monday, March 28, 2011

Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami, ~2 weeks later

The Atlantic typically has come great photojournalism of different events around the world, its coverage of the March, 11th Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami is no exception. Please click the source link below for more high-res pictures.

I need to point out how absolutely incredible it is, the speed (6 days) at which this road (pictured below) was reconstructed. I've seen stateside potholes that have taken longer to fill than this collapsed highway.

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  1. First I thought the picture of the road was a before the earthquake shot and after the earthquake shot. NO! Both shots are from after the quake, the right pic being just 6 days after. How quick did these guys put the road back together. And all while their houses are probably in shambles and some of them may have lost loved one.

    Must not have unions?!?!?!? Meanwhile traffic will be snarled around the NIH for the ENTIRE summer while a 5 foot bridge is being refurbished.