Friday, March 25, 2011

I love Comic Movies

well, GOOD comic movies, not that watchmen garbage (or X3 for that matter, that was just weird. WTF was the Phoenix doing just standing around the whole time?).

Captain America: The first avenger (starring the human torch, really stretched on the casting there huh) now has its first official trailer and it looks pretty good.

Pretty cool is the quick glimpse of Tony Stark Sr. about halfway in. In case you weren't privy, this movie, the Iron Man movies, The (Ed Norton) hulk - now replaced by Mark Ruffalo (Really? Mark Ruffalo? This guy? The guy from such action films as 13 going on 30? WHY NOT ME?! I definitely have the appropriate rage) and Thor (2011) are the crossover prequels to "The Avengers" which is due to come out in 2012. The next 2 years should be pretty good for Marvel...


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