Friday, March 11, 2011

More Earthquake/Tsunami links

Sorry this post won't be anything more than a collection of links (mostly from Drudge). I figured it couldn't hurt to put them all in 1 place here too.

8.9 on Richter scale - picture from

ABC - (Australia)


USGS webpage


Kyodo news (english)


Yahoo (NZ) - fishing town abandoned


Twitter users react and spread news of Earthquake

Pacific Tsunami warning center webpage

Sky news - video of Japanese Earthquake

ABC news - (USA)

Bloomberg - Tsunami waves hit Hawaii

Detected as far away as Ohio

Global markets react to Earthquake/Tsunami news - Reuters

Many cell phones, other communication interruptions following earthquake

LA Times, - size of Earthquake "surprising"

"Takes over news" - blog

Click here to create a Google email alert for "Japan Earthquake Tsunami" - change the url where it says those 3 words to change the alert search

Want to help? Click here 


Video gets cut off, but then at 3:00, I can't believe people are still driving over that bridge as large ships get tossed under it...

From Jalopnik below:

Nissan Toyota Honda

Crazy post-tsunami photo

Moment of Japan earthquake caught on camera


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