Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I look at this 2 ways....

1) Suing one of the most famous shows with one of the most famous budgets means money will likely be coming your way...
2) However, Top Gear also famously doesn't give a flying f*** what manufacturers think, the presenters say what they want about each car they review (it seems). Depending if a case (if it even gets that far) is immediately thrown out on the grounds of it being an OPINION show, seriously when is the last time they did a review that was 100% honest (and therefore boring).

Back to the point of this post, Tesla claims that Top Gear when testing their Lotus-chassis-based Tesla Roadster rigged the test so that the battery would die during testing... repeatedly.

from the Jalopnik article:

The test from the episode aired in December, 2008 involved a race between the Tesla Roadster and the gas-powered Lotus Elise it's based on. The show featured Jeremy Clarkson saying the Tesla ran out of charge at 55 miles, with footage of it being pushed around a garage, ending with Clarkson saying "It's just a shame that in the real world it doesn't seem to work."

Shortly after it aired, Tesla said the Roadster never lost its charge, never needed to be pushed and asked Top Gear for some kind of retraction. After some sparring, the BBC admitted the footage of the push-powered Roadster was meant to show what could happen, saying the show fairly represented how the Tesla performed during tests.

Here's to making enemies with the 3 of them! ->

Additional info (from the Tesla side) ->

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