Sunday, March 27, 2011

finally got around to seeing "Red" last night

I can't believe I waited this long to watch this movie.

Absolutely awesome, honestly. Great cast, Bruce Willis was cool as usual, Helen Mirren is a badass, Morgan Freeman was ok I guess, Brian Cox was a cool surprise & Ernest Borgnine was a nice subtle addition. My favorite castmember however, John Malkovich, was batshit insane, a big stretch for him. Even the guy who killed Jason Bourne's girlfriend was pretty good in it too.

They did a good balance of cheesy fish-out-of-water humor, actual action and John Malkovich being insane.
I don't think they're going to make this into a series (or even write an individual sequel) just because of how they closed it, but I wouldn't totally rule that out either.

Highly recommended.

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