Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Microbes extract sugars from brown seaweed, fuel production ensues!

A new method of extracting previously inaccessible sugars in brown algae called Alginate relies on a GMO bacteria specifically formulated to do this task.


From Live Science:
The new system is like a Lego platform, said Yasuo Yoshikuni, a study researcher and chief science officer and co-founder at Bio Architecture Lab in California. With changes to the components in the process, the same microbe-based system could be used to produce a variety of products, Yoshikuni said. For instance, the system could be used to turn seaweed into a source (also called a feedstock) for other biofuels, which could include butanol — an alcohol, like ethanol, that is blended into gas — or chemicals used in biodiesel*, which has properties similar to conventional, petroleum-based diesel.

Source -> http://www.livescience.com/18018-seaweed-biofuel-ethanol.html

*Hence my interest in this

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