Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dinner should never be boring

Rock Shrimp with Lemon Quinoa and Bacon.

The other night for dinner I made a good cheap meal I thought I'd share.

This is really easy and makes enough for about 4 people. 

About 2/3 of a lb of raw Rock Shrimp
a Cup of dry quinoa
Half of a white/yellow/vidalia Onion (or 3-5 Shallots) chopped
a little bit of lemon juice
a splash of white wine
chopped garlic (use as much as you want, I tend to use a lot).
Olive Oil
A strip or 2 of pre-cooked crispy bacon, then chopped
Some leftover Bacon grease from pre-cooking that bacon.

Rinse and drain the shrimp then add some lemon juice. Put it in the fridge for at least an hour or 2. This will partially "cook" the shrimp ceviche style.

Quinoa Cooking:
-1 cup of dry quinoa to 2 cups of water/chicken broth
-add to rice cooker and go.
-Just keep an eye on it because quinoa cooks quicker than rice.
-Add a splash of lemon juice and a pinch of salt/pepper near the end of the cooking time.

The rest:
-Take a tablespoon or so of the bacon grease add to a small saucepan, then coat the rest of the bottom in olive oil.
-on low heat add the chopped onion and garlic, a pinch of salt and pepper
-once it starts to saute you can add a splash of lemon juice, pinch of paprika and a splash of white wine. 
-bring up the heat until it starts to boil, then add the shrimp all at once (drain the excess lemon juice first)
-Saute for a minute or 2 until they are fully cooked
-Serve over the quinoa, add the bacon on top. Salt/pepper to taste

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