Monday, June 24, 2013

81st running of Le Mans photos

I watched several hours of racing last weekend, the 90th anniversary (81st running*) of Le Mans. I'm loving that F1, Le Mans, Touring car, etc racing is finally getting some TV coverage on this side of the Atlantic, even if I'm filling my TiVo with 8+ hours of HD racing footage at a time...

This year's Le Mans started out rather tragically though. About 40 minutes into the 24 hour race, Team Aston Martin Driver Allan Simonsen died as a result of his injuries in a crash. On-board camera footage (easily google'able, I don't want to post it here) shows his car coming out of a turn, wiggling the tail end, then taking a dramatic left off the track into the wall.

Despite this tragedy, the race continued with constantly changing weather conditions. This warranted frequent tire changes for all classes as quickly approaching rain kept proving too dangerous on slicks, which would then clear up shortly over a switch to rain tires. Having watched a lot of the race its amazing that there weren't more crashes due to this unpredictable weather, or mistakes in the pit....

Check out some pictures below.

Here's some highlights Source(s) -> & &

*81st running but 90th anniversary, some years were canceled due to wars, protests and the great depression.

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