Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My favorite thing ever...

is when you can watch the (human) voices of cartoon characters DO those characters*.

Combine that with Star Wars and this is nearly perfect, albeit a bit long...

Just wait for Pinky the Imperial Officer and Stimpy as Uncle Owen.

clickable link -> http://youtu.be/SBzRmWeC6Ds

You can skip to 7:40 for the first appearance of Pinky.

*Aware that is weird and ok with it.

 Source -> http://gizmodo.com/5913515/your-favorite-cartoon-characters-reading-the-star-wars-screenplay-will-blow-your-mind

related link -> http://www.dannyfinnegan.com/2012/05/one-of-most-underrated-cartoons-ever-to.html

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