Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Even though it seems weird to remake a movie only a few years old

...I still wear my Spiderman shirt all the time, so I'm still going to see it.

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Related (~) story from Wired:
Scientists have discovered some of the most stretchable spider silk ever, which can elongate up to 7.5 times its initial length. European cave spiders produce the silk to build egg sacs that protect their developing young.

Spider silk is a remarkable material known for its strength and toughness. Most species secrete seven or eight types of silk for different purposes. Dragline silk, for instance, anchors spiders to a surface and is used as the backbone of most webs while other silks are used for web scaffolding or to wrap captured prey. The egg-sac silk of other spider species generally stretches by only 20 to 50 percent before snapping apart. The M. menardi stalks, on the other hand, stretched to two or three times their initial length, with some extraordinary examples drawn out to 7.5 times their initial length. 

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