Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Found photos of the 1917 Russian Revolution

This is really cool.

Back in 1917, American photographer pastor John Wells Rahill took these shots during the Russian Revolution*. The problem was soon after (in the '20s) anybody who had been to Russia were seen as Socialist sympathizers. To avoid this, he packed the photos (now on glass plates) away where they sat until 2005...

From the Mental Floss synopsis:
The slides capture everything from soldiers wearing gas masks near bunkers to ruined buildings in Moscow. Orlov told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty that the slides "were hand-colored by what must have been one of the very best photo-finishing businesses in the U.S. I am still hoping to find out who did such a wonderful job with them."

[In addition] the collection also features images that Rahill snapped as he was evacuated from Russia through China and Japan. 

Check out the source link(s) below.

*Short version: The Russian Revolution was when the Bolshevicks (later more commonly referred to as Communists) took over the country from the former Imperialist Royals/government, ending the reign (and lives**) of the Romanov family led by Nicholas II.

**What about Anastasia?!

Source(s) -> http://mentalfloss.com/article/33644/snapshots-1917-russian-revolutionhttp://www.rferl.org/media/photogallery/24879266.html

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