Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More meals need to be in pie form

Buy one of these.

Here's what I made: word of warning, I don't really measure anything

Beef and root veges pie
Browned ground beef
White or Yellow onion
Lots of minced garlic
Splash of Worchester sauce
Black pepper
Chicken broth

Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano and Sage (I used all dried) and a little bit of dried gravy mix (powder)

Lasagna Pie
Browned ground beef
Shredded Mozz cheese
Pre-grated Parmasean cheese
Marinara sauce

Basil, Oregano, thyme

Combine the ingredients and scoop into the lower circle on a pre-heated pie maker, spice to taste. For both of them I used crescent roll dough, one tube was able to make 8 total pies (so 16 circles, 8 top, 8 bottom). Moisten the top circle with a little bit of water, before closing the lid. I just smooshed it together and rolled it out. I'll let you read the instructions in the pie maker for the dough/pie specific ones.

Earlier link about meat pies ->

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