Thursday, June 21, 2012

"I made it all up"

That's the explanation by the 21 year old Dutch kid formerly referred to as the "German Forest Boy". They say "Fantasist" I say "Kid who doesn't understand consequences".

From the Telegraph:
Officials have concluded that the young man who walked into a town hall in the east of the city and addressed them in accented English has "mental health issues", according to sources in Berlin. One said: "There was no wood, no grave, no mother who died in a car crash. He is now just regarded as something of an unfortunate." 

From the Daily Mail:

20-year-old Robin van Helsum aka 'Forest Boy' may have to pay back as much as £16,000 in expenses that police racked up accommodating him for nine months.
Berlin social services paid for bed and board, clothing and German lessons for the English-speaking Dutchman. They also gave him a staggering £200 a month in pocket money.
Ed Koch, spokesman for the district youth welfare office, told The Telegraph: 'We will file a suit for fraudulent appropriation of youth benefits during the course of the week.
'We're going to demand this money back. Whether we ever see it again, we don't know.'
Van Helsum enjoyed Berlin's hospitality while maintaining the illusion he was a 17-year-old boy called Ray who had spent years living in the forest.
His rouse was exposed when friends from his old school in his hometown of Hengelo recognised him on the news. His stepmother then positively identified him to police.

Is it just me or in that picture he doesn't seem "all there"?



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