Monday, October 10, 2011

Forest boy update.

Quick catching up:
A ~17 year old boy calling himself "Ray" turned himself into Berlin authorities after claiming that he walked due north for ~2 weeks using using a compass after burying his father in the forest (who he claims died suddenly). He said that he had been living with his father in the forest (estimated to be on the Bavarian-Czech border) for over 5 years after his mother "Doreen" had died in a car wreck. Initially his story appeared to be bizarre but genuine.

This story has taken an interesting turn.

Not only do a Swiss couple claim that he is their grandson, yet he refuses a DNA test, but now German police are doubting his story that he's lived in the forest for ~5 years. "Ray" claims that his mother died in a car wreck over 5 years ago, but German records show that nobody named "Doreen" in all 16 states has died that way. Originally it was thought that he was British, as Ray speaks English but only rudimentary German (like me?).  If it turns out that he is indeed Swiss, the Swiss government could be charged for his care.

Ray has said he "just wants to make a new life for himself" but refuses to be photographed for identification purposes. The above image is an artist's rendering.


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