Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stranded ship playing Jenga with teetering containers, spilling toxic fuel oil

Yes that's a pretty big spoiler in the title.

This is really sad, because some idiot tried to take a shortcut without properly charting his course, (at this point) Maritime New Zealand estimates that between 220 and 330 tons of heavy fuel oil have spilled from the hull, and that isn't slowing down anytime soon. A large crack has also appeared on the Starboard side as well. The remaining shipping containers being balanced so perilously on the edge have made it nearly impossible for salvage crews to safely work on the deck. Currently 3 tugboats are attached to the stern in order to (hopefully) remove it from the reef.

Lets put this in perspective, for every dual-flush toilet kit, every time you carpool, every time you raise your thermostat by 3 degrees, every time you use public transportation and every time you recycle a can: its like throwing a pebble at the Sherman tank that is the problem.

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