Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Back! - European Holiday post.

After a brief ~1week(-ish) hiatus, I'm back.

Look kids...

Wifey and I were on a European Vacation, a Eurotrip if you will with the rest of my family. First we went to London to visit a friend of ours for 3 days, then MUNICH for OKTOBERFEST! This was Wifey and I's 4th time at the glorious event.

Our tour of London was a lot of fun, we probably did 4 days of sightseeing in 2 days. Also nice was staying with friends who knew the areas. I've been to London before, but its not really the same as going around with a local. I gotta say, their pub culture is exactly what I need in the USA. There are few things as good as a local cask ale.

the Gerkin!

London really is a fantastic city. Its efficient, has great food and a good business attitude. I honestly could live there (says the guy who is saying the same thing as anybody who goes on a good holiday says). I was a bit discouraged at the amount of Land Rover Defenders I saw (2) but then again, it was a city center.

We went for a great Curry in Dulwich (HUGE FAN OF INDIAN FOOD), had a great Sunday roast in Herne Hill, We also stopped for a pint at the Half Moon Pub, highly recommended.

After a few days we were off to München, full disclosure, I'm an Oktoberfest enthusiast.

gotta love Windows live's photo stitching app

The rest of my family went to Berlin while we were in London. My mom's side of the family is Bavarian, so......

Wifey and I went to one of the outdoor biergartens for my favorite Münchner  bier, Augustiner-Bräu.

I love everything about Oktoberfest, besides the obvious (the bier), the food, the attitude and the clothes are all fantastic. How can a red blooded guy not love a Dirndl? Yes I wore my Lederhosen. Like Louis Tully in Ghostbusters, I was born to wear this (as a half Bavarian).

We had a great time in all of the tents, but probably my favorite tent was Hofbräu. I don't care if thats touristy, its awesome.

Ok less talky, more pictures.

My sisters clearly had no fun at all

good Hendls waiting to happen

For the first time (for me) at Oktoberfest, I actually went on rides. Eventually I'll post the video my brother took of the roller coaster, which actually were better than you'd think. Wifey grabbed the below pic of me dominating the bumper cars.


Aloisius the HB angel

"you're going to get hop-ons" -G. Bluth

All and all, I flipping love Oktoberfest. If you like bier, hearty food and/or are German (well, Bavarian), GO.

Words of advice:
-Learning even a little bit of German goes a very long way
-as an American, please for the love of god, be polite ("DANKE")
-When drinking in the tents, don't just order food when you're hungry. Grazing is key
-The half-chickens are the best thing you will ever eat. If you don't agree you are wrong.

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