Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupiers having issues with crime, creeps, vagrants, people with the same "goals"?

I try to steer away from hot button issues, including politics on this page, but I can't take it anymore regarding the groups of "Occupy" people in cities around the U.S.. If you want to bring credibility to a cause, this really isn't the best course of action. I'm all for being expressing your opinion about something you disagree with, but at least know why you're there. Indiscriminate chants of "banks are bad" and spitting on a Coast Guard member because they're in uniform? How does that even make sense? Let me be very clear. I fully agree that the financial system is broken and the level of both apathetic inefficiency (in every single financial institution, starting with Bank of America who I REALLY don't like) and fraud needs to be addressed. However, this definitely isn't the way to fix it or even to raise awareness. This is just what happens when dreamers don't have anything to do for a few months.

Specific event as an example: Blocking the Brooklyn bridge doesn't effect Wall Street, it effects the hardworking people that you're supposedly in support of. Do some more research.

Also, shootings are up too. Can you guess what the prevailing theory is?

Financial workers only make up 43% of the 1%, Why aren't they protesting doctor's offices?

But I guess they still rely on banks for their funding. Just not the banks that they hate.

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