Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here's to sending more emails and giving business to actual companies!

Ahhh capitalism. Its not a secret how I feel about the post office (why do they make you feel like you're commiting a crime when you say no to "do you want any stamps?"). Now the postal "service" has posted (see what I did there?) an $8.5 BILLION loss.

 I'm sorry but-  "Sometimes in life you have to realize a poor investment... and cut your losses. Write that down" -Van Wilder's dad.

Its been a nice 235 years, but lets write this one off and call it a day. Will I miss junkmail (no but wifey might)? Will shipping costs go up? Who knows. Would it be harder to mail a letter/small package? probably.
But at least the process of sending something will function as a business not a service. Have I thought through the implications of not having a "public-ish" post office fully and not let it influence my rant? Not even a little bit.

Now if a company was to buy its assets, cut the fat (ACTUALLY ALLOW ME TO USE THE DAMN POST-MACHINE TO SEND MEDIA MAIL AND NOT HAVE TO WAIT ON LINE TO MAIL A BOOK), hire people that could actually get a job at another organization, get rid of saturday delivery, put people in EVERY assistance window or get rid of the extra windows, have accountability, not deceivingly make parcel post $0.05 cheaper than priority but have 3 times the delivery time, automate more processes and basically run like fedex (or UPS for that matter)... they might have something.

I'm looking at you next Amtrak!

/end rant

source for rant -> http://voices.washingtonpost.com/federal-eye/2010/11/postal_service_posts_85_billio.html

Postal Worker Newman -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Junk_Mail

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