Thursday, November 18, 2010

Of course an NYU professor wants to embed a camera in his head

An NYU photography professor by the name of Wafaa Bilal is going to undergo surgery to install a camera in the back of his head... The camera will take a picture at 1 second intervals for 1 year, while feeding the images live to a museum in Qatar.

This sounds perfectly logical and isn't selfish towards anybody else's privacy whatsoever.

source-> WSJ

Apparently this isn't the first time he has caused some controversy desperatly trying to garner attention from the public.
From the article:

For a 2008 project, "Virtual Jihadi," Mr. Bilal hacked a video game to insert an avatar of himself as a suicide-bomber hunting President George W. Bush. The work incited a wave of protests, both for and against it, and eventually the New York Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in Mr. Bilal's defense after the exhibition was shut down.

In his 2007 work, "Domestic Tension," Mr. Bilal confined himself to a gallery in Chicago for a month, inviting the public to visit a website where they could "shoot" the artist by remotely firing a paintball gun at him.
And in June, Mr. Bilal tattooed on to his back a map of Iraqi cities for a work called "...and Counting." The names of the cities were spelled out in Arabic script, with dots added to mark the location of American and Iraqi casualties.

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