Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is pathetic

Its possible I have some bias...

but are you f%$#ing kidding me? Its really not that hard to drive a stick every day, in traffic, in a suit. I've done all those things and the fun it is for the brief moments you're not wanting to kill yourself (is not having to clutch really that much better in traffic?!) EXPONENTIALLY offsets any annoyance. Its one thing to get an auto for day to day driving, but not even knowing how to drive a manual? honestly you shouldn't have a license.

If you disagree, tell me this honestly, please comment either way (even if you drive a beige appliance). Does extreme consumer-driven practicality take precedent over having balls? (chicks who drive a manual are automatically hotter, Hi Erin!). I'm not saying "if you drive an auto you're a sissy" so before the comments give me crap for that, understand that I'm much more saying "if you don't see any merit for a manual transmission, you're a sissy".

links as to why people are LAZY

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