Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It looks like Ghostbusters 3 is a GO!

I'd love to see another Ghostbusters movie, (haters are full of it, you know you'd want one too) and it looks like thats going to happen. Its not a serious movie that can fail *cough* Indy 3 *cough* and its already ridiculous, why not use aging comedians?

It looks like Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroid are the primary writers for the screenplay, but are working with the writers for the US version of the Office. The director looks to be Ivan Reitman who directed the first 2 Ghosbusters', Stripes and Meatballs to name a few. Harold Ramis (Egon), Dan Akyroid (Ray), Ernie Hudson (Winston), Sigorney Weaver (there is no Dana only Zul) and Annie Potts (Janine) have all signed on. Bill Murray (Venkman) while funny as hell, seems to be whining about something (so out of character for him), so he's not confirmed yet. Also Rick Moranis (Louis 'Ok who brought the dog?') isn't confirmed either as he's retired from acting. Lastly, Eliza Dushku is rumored as per IMDB, which is awesome because she is unbelievably hot.

Heres to hoping this goes well.

source -> google images
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