Monday, November 8, 2010

Newest Update to BMW Baja Race car story

Wired's continuing coverage of the Bill Caswell $500 BMW race car story means I'm posting again about it.

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Bill Caswell of Caswell Motorsport has a hit a small snag in converting his Bimmer race car into a vehicle appropriate to race the upcoming Baja 1000. He was building it "live" in a Miller welders sponsored booth at SEMA in vegas, but didn't finish before the trade show ended.

To quote the article

"Caswell’s friends have gone home and he’s alone in a rented house in San Diego. He has a week and a half until the Baja 1000 commences. He hasn’t registered for the race but intends to make the start. Right now, his car looks like nothing so much as an pile of chromoly steel and Bavarian upchuck. It has an incomplete driveline and no front suspension, yet Caswell refuses to give up. He is, at this very moment, still welding."

This guy is a badass. Good luck to him.

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