Friday, April 22, 2011

I hate speed cameras

IF you're going to get an infraction for something as trivial as an arbitrarily assigned speed limit (really? 40mph on the GW Parkway?) a person should be the one assigning it.

Earlier today I saw a flash go off for a speed camera, which may or may not have been for me (who incidentally wasn't speeding at the time) and I got infuriated. This is at an intersection where there is ALWAYS traffic, yet the city decided to spend public money on a speed camera.
Why isn't more money put into fixing the CAUSES of traffic (selfish people blocking intersections on a light change, people hogging the left lane, poor driving etiquette, terribly timed lights, poor parking enforcement, etc etc) which make people want to speed when there isn't a texting driver stopped in front of them at a green light. My problem is they do NOT increase safety on the roads and are just a way to raise local money, which will inevitably be wasted on installing more cameras.

About the article in question that started this rant, turns out the cameras kind of suck at their job too. Will Foreman of MD has convinced some judges that the cameras are issuing inaccurate violations, he has 5 counts to probe is and working on 40 more. He has proven (in the 5 thrown out tickets) that tickets issued to his delivery company's trucks were issued without the vehicle exceeding the posted limit with math (!) and time-lapse photography (!).

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