Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who wants to go halfsies with me?

Ever think, 'renting out an entire hotel is sooo neuvo-riche'?
Then you thought "I'm sick of being upstaged by Oprah giving away Volkswagens".

How about if you rented an entire country?

You can now rent the tiny Alpine nation of Liechtenstein at a rate of $70,000/night for a minimum of 2 nights...really not kidding. Don't worry about speaking German here, Liechtensteinians (?) are one of the most affluent and highly educated people worldwide, whatever you speak, they probably do too.

Here's the listing ->
and here's where I saw it ->


  1. If we rent the country for the weekend, does that mean we can make our own laws? Like no speed limits???/

  2. Remember the episode of Top Gear where they were looking for the best road, which ended up being in Switzerland... Which is known for tough speed limits (and fines for exceeding them), which is next to Liechtenstein, which they definitely have the budget for this...