Monday, April 4, 2011

Want some free crap? is offering to give away some free stuff that it can't resell. This includes electronics and the like, mostly stuff with damage (aesthetic or otherwise). They'd prefer that you pick it up in their Columbus, Ohio returns warehouse, but shipping options are available too.

They make a point to say that they'd prefer to give it to non-profits and people who might actually use (read: tinker) with it. Also, selling on ebay, etc is specifically prohibited. Nowadays, most online retailers, (actually f- that, when you only provide a market you are no longer a retailer, you are a FACILITATOR, like a pimp) frown upon any damaged/different that nearly new stuff anyway, even if noted... Don't get me started about an amazon sale I had a while back that the seller skipped over the "MISSING THE BATTERY THAT IS WHY IT IS HALF THE PRICE OF EVERY OTHER SIMILAR ITEM" part of my item description, then complained to Amazon, I lost the item and the money. Lesson learned. If you're reading this scumbag in California, yes I'm talking about you. (debating hotlinking to her info....)

But I digress.

Anyway I'd sign up if I had a garage to collect hardware in!

Click here to sign up ->

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