Monday, April 18, 2011

Olive Garden, as authentic as a Leprechaun cooking Japanese food

*That doesn't mean I haven't destroyed my occasional never-ending-pasta-bowl after a swim meet, and enjoyed the living sh*t out of it....

Having said that, check this out.

It seems the Olive Garden doesn't even own the place. They just book all the rooms at some hotel in the off-season, close the place to the public, and take over the restaurant. Sporadic "classes" lasted "maybe an hour here or there" where they would "talk about spices or fresh produce for a minute" before taking the group site-seeing for the day. Lots of drinking ensued. 


I don't know what you're taking from this, but I see it as an opportunity to get a job at the local mall's OG and rig the contest.  I don't care how fake it is, I want to go to Tuscany on somebody else's dime. Who's in?

*I have no proof of my sign claim

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