Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I like Jalopnik

I really do, but if this isn't a very clever "sure we'll take your money" I'm honestly disappointed.

The pic below appears to have its homepage sponsored by a company that Jalopnik (and more importantly its readers) has made a point to label as boring, beige, smug and sh*t quality (don't worry I'll provide links).

In addition Jalopnik has recently raked a auto industry news source/author over the coals for selling out (which I totally agree with)...

I'm not accusing them of anything and I think based on their attitude towards the auto-specific media industry as a whole (in the past) this is more of a "why not" moment, but here's to them making a statement confirming that....

Hey! Links!!toyotarecall/!5762479/why-were-mommy-bloggers-paid-for-positive-stories-on-toyota!5057602/ten-new-cars-for-people-who-hate-cars!5684355/the-toyota-highlander-is-breeding-assholes!5167362/what-car-do-you-love-to-hate!5782691/how-the-detroit-news-sold-its-soul

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