Thursday, September 1, 2011

22 year old woman punches a Black Bear in the face

The bear in question had the girl's dog in her mouth and "was carrying her like a salmon".

Brooke Collins (left) wasn't having that and punched the bear in f***ing the face. Brooke, you have been awarded the first annual Danny vs. the internet Badass award (patent pending). Don't get your hopes up though, the award is $1 sent via paypal. Still, you are a badass.
I hope Fudge is ok!

From the article:
Her dog suffered some claw and bite marks but they weren’t deep so she said she decided not to take Fudge to the vet. She said the dog appeared to be more shocked than injured. She said she will get Fudge checked out if they appear infected.

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"I will fight a Grizzly for this puppy" -Wifey

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