Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix - American Le Mans

Wifey and I went to the Baltimore Grand Prix last weekend. We really only went for the GT cars (which was Saturday). Overall and in retrospect, we had a really good time. It was the first Grand Prix Baltimore had held, so there are definitely going to be hiccups*. But if I'm honest, they did a lot right too. There were plenty of concession stands, lines for those were short, the bathrooms were cleaner than one would expect the traffic (despite the complaints I heard from many locals) really could've been exponentially worse.

The Sellers-Henzler team absolutely owned the track, especially going into turn 1. We had some issues finding a clear vantage point to watch the actual race, due to ill-placed ads and over-zealous fencing. But eventually around 5:15, when the families left, we were able to find a great spot right at the chicane (I love that word).

There was a crash right at the start of the race (video below) and apparently a spectacular one at the Indyrace, but overall there were less big crashes than you'd think on such a tight urban course. Although a number of cars didn't finish due to damage sustained.

Overall a good event and I subscribe to the theory, more racing is always better than less. (I feel the same way about car shows)

Would be a great view of 2 straightaways and a 180 degree turn...

Organizer's page -> http://baltimoregrandprix.com/

*Needs to address foot traffic getting in/out of the infield better than a single footbridge
*Please think about digital TV ads instead of putting up eye level posters greatly limiting the viewing areas for General Admission

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