Friday, September 16, 2011

Dinosaur feathers trapped in Amber found in Canada

One of Wifey and I's favorite movies (by that we mean if we see it on TV, its physically difficult to not stop what we were doing and watch it in its entirety) is Jurassic Park.

Back on topic, a "trove of dinosaur feathers" has been found in Canadian Amber (just like the blood in the mosquito in what movie?). One of the prevailing theories about Dinosaurs is that not only did the big guys go extinct with climate change, worldwide starvation, The appetites of those kids from Land of the Lost (the Nickelodeon 1991 version, Stink was so annoying) but they evolved into modern reptiles and BIRDS! Beautiful delicious birds.

One of the problems skeptics have with the feathers->birds theory besides obvious skeletal and physical appearance (minus the feathers) similarities was the amount of feathers old enough to support this idea. Usually they wither away like ancient skin/fur/hair, unless they're trapped in amber.

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