Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Cheese and rice, I really didn't want a collar-less "collared" shirt, no wait I mean a shiny collar-less "collared" shirt know who you are.

Honestly I'm fine with not getting a whole lot for Christmas. I think the charade of getting something for the sake of giving something isn't really for me. If you have a great, generous, well-thought-out gift for somebody, by all means go for it, I'm going to do that for the people that I'm getting gifts for. But a set of salt and pepper shakers that don't actually hold any salt and pepper shaped like a fat woman's butt cheeks (can provide proof). Honestly a handshake would've been better. Yeah yeah yeah, I sound very cynical here. But do you really want something like that too? What ever happened to cards? Sure that's also a charade, but at least you didn't waste more than a dollar or 2.

George really isn't an example to live up to, but you've got to admit this is funny...

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Now for the feats of strength!

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