Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Hybrid I could definitely get behind

get it? because its so fast you'd have to be behind it? har har har

"Danny... drive me"

I'm normally not a fan of hybrids, because I actually understand how a supply chain and logistics work. Also its a matter of understanding that a more conventionally fueled, but efficient vehicle *cough* diesel *cough* small displacement petrol *cough* that lasts 20 years by being well maintained, is more efficient overall than a disposable hybrid using a large amount of rare earth metals and batteries that need to be replaced after 7 years. Wow that was a long "sentence" /end rant. Anyway, having said all that, I LOVE racing, especially when Porsche's are involved. No those 2 topics don't need to be mutually exclusive!

Porsche's new system uses a flywheel to quickly charge and discharge excess mechanical energy (through the front axle) effectively making the new GT3 hybrid an AWD vehicle. The new system adds over 200hp instantly through the front wheels coming out of a turn, or passing on a straightaway but- uses a very sophisticated computer control system that limits oversteer. Honestly this ticks all boxes from nerd to petrolhead to racing fan.

After that whole diatribe of mine, check out the source link for a great story about a first drive in the state of the art hybrid system.

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