Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I don't say this often but-


After Snowmagheddon, Snowpocalypse, Snowzilla, etc Washington D.C. became basically GRIDLOCK for about a week*

The real problem was that when the gov't told workers to leave... they didn't. Then ~2 hours later when the snow hadn't let up at all, they did. This cause 10 mile drives to take... (ready?) 8 HOURS. People were abandoning cars on the road and walking home.
This is because a) very few people in DC are prepared for winter driving know how to drive at all b) those same people freaked out, acted irrational then selfishly abandoned their cars blocking entire roads for days.

Honestly, how much are snow tires and/or a bag of sand in the trunk?

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One addition, I'd like to be the one that makes the call. Oh and if you are sent home and don't work, you have to listen to a constant loop of "Friday" during work when you're back for the duration of time lost. Cool?

*timeframe not accurate

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