Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Camry is killing motoring for me (note, not just me)

...and in related news, Mazda is killing the (current) rotary engine.

So appliances are continuing, but a unique and absolutely awesome piece of engineering is dying. Congrats boring people hogging the left lane! You won!

Here's what I don't get. Everybody (even my mom, a person that is so little into cars, you could probably paint hers a different color and she wouldn't notice for a week) who sees a classic car drive by... NOTICES IT. That means the seed of appreciating the craftsman ship and soul (to quote the great Jeremy Clarkson) definitely exists in everybody with a license, even a miniscule amount. Yes its easier, yes it blends in*, yes it always starts**, (yes the gas pedal gets stuck and you will be killed, yes its constantly recalled lately,) but is that what your heart actually wants?

From Jalopnik:
We received some bad news this week. Mazda's rotary engine died again, while the Toyota Camry just keeps on living. Here's why we should care about the rotary engine, and why no one reads magazines about toasters. [And] then the Mets' CitiField stadium rotunda in which Toyota had just taken a silk sheet off that new Camry

Do we care this much about the launch of a toaster or washing machine? No. Why this particular appliance?

On that notion, here is an animation of the fantastically simple, yet fantastically awesome rotary engine in the Mazda RX-series car. Please take 3 minutes out of your day to appreciate where art and science merge and click the play button below?

Clickable link ->

**it doesn't, and even if it did, would you want it to?

Rotary Engine components video ->

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