Monday, August 8, 2011

Riots in London

Seriously? Are we at this point?
Not only are people making fun of the riots on Facebook and Twitter (I'll post names of people if you don't believe me) but rioting is the LOWEST form of protest. This is just really sad. I feel very bad for the innocent people hurt and the innocent businesses that are being destroyed by scumbag sheep that should be rounded up and pushed into the Thames. /endrant

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The rioters sheep are being "organized" via social media, primarily BBM apparently. I guess the public-facing nature of facebook and twitter is harder to support your cause? Read more about that ->

The violence is spreading too. Shop windows in both Birmingham and Liverpool have been reported to be smashed as well in addition to spreading within London itself. ->

One of the things making the situation worse is the timing, a critical mass of UK officials are on vacation, David Cameron is cutting his holiday short however.

"I'm a unoriginal coward, lets break stuff then complain about social services"
I'm all for being pissed off about a situation, that's what most of this blog is. But for god sakes, how does this help your cause's credibility?

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