Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheers to Rum

It looks like the famous Captain Morgan's lost ship may have been found, with some bounty still aboard...possibly rum?

"We all have mustaches under our scuba masks"
From the Discovery article:

The lost wreckage of a ship belonging to 17th century pirate Captain Henry Morgan has been discovered in Panama, said a team of U.S. archaeologists -- and the maker of Captain Morgan rum.
Near the Lajas Reef, where Morgan lost five ships in 1671 including his flagship "Satisfaction," the team uncovered a portion of the starboard side of a wooden ship's hull and a series of unopened cargo boxes and chests encrusted in coral. The cargo has yet to be opened, but Captain Morgan USA -- which sells the spiced rum named for the eponymous pirate -- is clearly hoping there's liquor in there.

"There's definitely an irony in the situation," Fritz Hanselmann an archaeologist with the River Systems Institute and the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State University and head of the dive team told KVUE Austin. The Captain Morgan rum group stepped in on the quest for Captain Morgan after team -- which found a collection of iron cannons nearby -- ran out of funds before they could narrow down the quest.
The Texas State University dive team leading the expedition recently ran out of funding, Captain Morgan USA (yes the rum maker) got wind of this and helped pay for the continued exploration of the wreck "Satisfaction", the Captain's flagship vessel lost over 400 years ago.

On that note, I'm making a Dark and Stormy... ARRRRRRR

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