Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Land Rover Defender is... dead.

After the brief NAS run of the Land Rover Defender, there was always talk, year after year, that Land Rover would bring it back to US shores. Turns out that talk just was silenced. Below are the 2 official concept photo shots of the new DC100 Defender Concept. I understand WHY they felt a need to do this, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with it. Realistically, I'd love to hear a case for how its actually different than the Freelander/LR2.

"Best Guess" from the latest issue of Land Rover World, roughly 100% better than the official concept above

MY Defender

I'm reminded of a quote by the great Richard Hammond "A Land Rover would never turn up to collect an Oscar, it'd be far too busy doing something important somewhere for someone". Somehow I'm not sure that applies here.

Source -> http://www.insideline.com/land-rover/land-rover-reveals-defender-concept-ahead-of-2011-frankfurt-auto-show.html

Earlier links -> http://www.dannyfinnegan.com/2010/11/new-favorite-transformer-im-aware-that.html

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