Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Street surfing, probably not the greatest idea

I'll admit I definitely did things like this in the past, but on record I have to say its a terrible idea and you could be killed. A bunch of guys in Salisbury, MD (not normally known for its surfing spots) decided to use the flooding near a road to their advantage, see the video below.

clickable link -> http://youtu.be/NJxHaCEpCJ0

Source -> http://jalopnik.com/5835307/watch-street-surfers-catch-a-wave-on-irenes-floods


Related surfing news, check out this inflatable wetsuit for big wave (larger than street puddles) and tow in surfing.

The idea for it came when surfer Shane Dorian was surfing and fell off his board. He was pushed approximately 25' below the surface and held there by 2 more waves as he tried to swim skyward and nearly drowned. It works just like an airplane life preserver. Pull a cord and CO2 will instantly inflate a bladder behind the wearer's head, pulling them to the surface.

From the article:
The V1 is not yet commercially available, and there is no word yet on when or whether it ever will be, or if it will only be distributed to the world's elite big wave riders. I think it would be criminal for Billabong not to release this into the wild, eventually, but I'm not convinced that it couldn't use some refinements first.

Billabong V1 Wetsuit from Billabong USA on Vimeo.

Here's Shane Dorian in action, Waimea Bay

clickable link -> http://youtu.be/k1QMjn8Wu_E

Source -> http://gizmodo.com/5828253/the-wetsuit-designed-to-save-lives-in-big-water
Via http://mustangsurvival.com/

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