Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene over

***Updated again***
Starting to clear up, more pictures from Hurricane Irene hitting the east coast.

My 'rents on Long Island are being told a few days until their power should be restored.

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Big ass tree, North Shore Long Island, NY

Schuylkill river - Conshohocken, PA
Conshohocken, PA 

Astoria (Queens), NY

North Shore of Long Island

This creek was at least 7' higher 24 hours ago (outside Philly)


I'm adding pictures of effected affected areas as people send them to me.

Asbury, NJ beach
Near Asbury Park, NJ

Oh the humanity!

Long Island Sound on the CT side, 1 hour 30 min before high tide (earlier today)

Same part of CT, Long Island sound approaching, notice the Bunny on the bottom left

South Shore Long Island, waist deep


Simultaneously we're hearing that it was overblown and that damage is widespread... Those 2 aren't normally compatible. Outside of Philly the local creeks/brooks/streams became rivers around 10pm last night. Flooding is/was pretty widespread here. The actual rivers (Delaware, Schuylkill, Brandywine, Lehigh etc) in this area will probably be rising for the next few days as rainwater travels down from the mountains.

As of writing this there have been 11 confirmed deaths, some from drowning in a vehicle washed away while crossing an overflowing stream, others from falling branches/trees.

Power could be out for a while ->

Montauk, NY

Normally about a 10' drop from that wall to the beach below. No beach at all due to tide.

Normally a 15-20' gap between the bottom of this dock and the water surface

Municipal boat launching ramp, those pilings are over 15' high. Usually a huge gap between the water edge and street.

Storm surge/High tide overcoming seawalls and encroaching onto front yards

Harbor water level significantly higher than even a very high tide

Sources ->


In related news... OH MY GOD.

Reporter gives weather update while getting covered in toxic (raw sewage filled) sludge.

I wish I was kidding, video below.

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Earlier hurricane post ->

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