Wednesday, August 24, 2011

East coast Earthquake! part 2

A few more links that I didn't want to add the the original East Coast Earthquake post (now a few posts away).

DC Zoo animals went crazy a few minutes before the Earthquake.

From the article (linked above and source below):
According to the zoo, about three seconds before things started to shake, the gorilla Mandara gave a yell, gathered up her baby, Kibibi, and then climbed a tree.

If my pen is a-rockin' its an earthquake.


Earthquake news might possibly travel faster than an actual Earthquake.

Whats funny is, this is actually true. I was talking to my brother on Gchat, while feeling it in Philly. I typed to him "I think we're having an Earthquake here", he responded with "really?" then 10 seconds later says "oh sh*t, I can feel it here now too!". #Science

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