Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Comcast, service from angels?

Do you hate Comcast? Do you think that they have a test specifically designed to weed-in ignorant, insensitive, uncaring, degenerates as potential employees too? From their unwaivering policies that make absolutely no sense (eg a technician must come to your house to install a cablecard into your compatible TV/TiVo, even though that consists of inserting it into a slot labeled "CABLECARD") to their indifference regarding punctuality, this company is the example of a faceless organization that cares far more about getting a new customer than keeping the old ones.

Stop telling me I will not get HD without a Comcast HD box, no I do not care about 3 months of free HBO, I'd rather have the $31 you owed me. How do you not understand that going from $120/mo to $130/mo but with 3 more channels I'd never watch isn't "lowering my bill". Yes, I'm in an area with no other options, that's why we now have OTA HD through the TiVo only.

Anyway, back to my point, I don't live in Arlington but this is still relevant to the general area, click here ->

The interesting thing is the results of the poll of "Rate your experience with Comcast". Yes I know the extreme positions of almost any issue are the most vocal, but notice how 1-sided one extreme is over the other...

Retired Air Force nurse SNAPS on local Comcast office after she waits 4 hours to speak to a manager, who snuck out the back entrance ->

Do you hate Comcast as much as the guy who founded this site? ->

I think the biggest problem with this service is expectations. Its one thing that you're providing a service on something that is hardware, human, network and in some cases weather dependent, but a customer of Comcast's rarely knows where they stand. From bills that arbitrarily change each month without a reason, to service that refuses to perform as advertised (seriously, enough with the goddamn pixelation) to a total closed door policy with regards to hardware they didn't provide *cough* TiVo wipes the floor with any DVR you've ever provided, despite you doing anything you can to keep me from using one *cough*, Comcast's customers are at the mercy of what they are given service-wise and what they are billed for, sometimes very differently. It would be great if they had an email/chat system for passively reporting problems that didn't feel ignored and if they took a little more responsibility in how they approach customer service.

Lastly, for god sakes, its illegal to tell (potential) customers that "you don't support cablecards", you do, I have one. STOP SAYING IT. There is a reason you have users wanting them, YOUR HARDWARE SUCKS.

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