Saturday, January 8, 2011

How the guy with the funniest PL8 fought the DMV

 The "EAT THE KIDS FIRST" license plate (shown below) has been circling around the internet for years. I even posted about it the other day. The summary of what happened recently is: the Virginia DMV, apparently because of an anonymous complaint, sent the user Garth Yeaman (not owner, thats the basis of why they demanded it back) a letter saying the plate appears to condone the exploitation (didn't really want the actual word to show up on my blog in search results...) of minors, so they wanted it back. That was never the case. The plate was always just ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous.

Yeaman says in the article:
"My defense was 'this is ridiculous, at no point I was condoning cannibalism.' I thought they thought I was condoning cannibalism, like the actual cooking and eating of children."

His new one is displayed above on his '94 Miata.

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